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#0 - 2008/03/27 12:04:10 AM
Hello, just a quick queston, my husband was banned from the forum because he was a dumb(butt) and pissed of a blue with the whole canadian arena thingy

how does he get this lifted? we have searched all over and cant see anywhere we can say sorry or anything

*edited for profanity*

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#30 - 2008/03/27 12:26:44 AM
Any concerns regarding the moderation taking place on the forums can be directed to Should your husband choose to utilize this contact, please inform him he will need to email us via the registered address on account record. It is recommended, however, that the Code of Conduct be reviewed very carefully before contacting us, as we do not tend to issue permanent forum bans unless we feel strongly that the account holder's means of expression should not be permissible on these forums any longer.

As the appropriate avenue for contacting the Forum Moderators has been provided this thread has been locked.