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#0 - 2008/04/11 07:46:04 PM
Blizz, I know this is going to sound like hand holding, but I am getting kind of tired of seeing all these logging links all over the place. The only reason they continue to happen is because people still click on them.

Here is a suggestion on how to cut down on the number of accounts being compromised by these sites.

Currently there is a warning screen used to let people know they are traveling outside of the domain.

How about using a database that will allow known sites, that are logger free, to pass right to the linked site.

Sites that are not in the database take users to a new warning page that, in a huge bright font, tell people that the site they may be trying to visit is not yet considered to be a "clean" site and if they continue they may be in jeopardy of compromising their account.

Allow some way for clean sites, that are not currently in the database, to be submitted as a clean site which should be checked by one of the wonderful CM's Blizz employs.

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#10 - 2008/04/11 08:28:13 PM
It was in the original proposal for the interceptor page, but maintaining a "white list" is not only extremely time and resource consuming, but in reality carries no real security with it. What's to say a white listed site wouldn't, at some point in the future, contain a virus/trojan/etc?

The only websites we allow to be linked, and that will bypass the interceptor page, are official Blizzard websites.

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