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#0 - 2008/04/23 03:00:11 PM
Just curious on how many people actually don't like Arena. Whether you are a PvEer or a PvPer, if you hate Arena, post.

And no, it's not that I'm bad at Arena, it's that I just don't like it. I will still not be doing Arena in S4. I'm grinding out any honor items that require ratings right now so I have everything ahead of time, and I'm just going to go with S2. I will continue to be a casual, continue to enjoy BGs and World, and continue NOT doing Arena, a mild stat penalization is insignificant compared to doing what I enjoy.

Post in this thread if you don't like Arena.


Wow, this thread exploded with posters.....big surprise.


Making a second thread for those who hate Arena.

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#513 - 2008/04/25 05:56:11 AM
Sorry folks. I meant to extend "part 2."

Please continue here:

At this moment you do not feel the urge to read anything else into this simple mistake from an otherwise friendly forum moderator.