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#0 - 2008/04/30 08:59:52 PM
Q u o t e:
It would appear that all world issues have been resolved in this thread. As a result of our eternal harmony, this thread is no longer needed and has been locked.

Thanks for spoiling the fun having Mr. Funpolice. You gonna go take out your fun baton and fun smash some kids playing hopscotch while you're at it? Does that make you feel like a big man in a tub with your rubber ducky splashing around until it's dinner time and you have to get out but you only do it after your fingers get all pruney after sitting in the tub to long and all the bubbles have gone away? Does it? Well I hope you're satisfied now.

I'm canceling my account now so I can fund world terror in First World Countries now, you've shown me the light!

I'm just messing with ya

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#2 - 2008/04/30 09:01:53 AM
Do not you bring the ducky into this.