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#0 - 2008/05/27 11:52:03 PM
Are there any guilds that accept only female members, preferably on horde side, and preferably clearing at least 10-man content with no outside help. I would take an alliance guild as well. Server type doesn't matter; I plan on rerolling, not transferring.

Thanks for any help.

Please Note: Mock misogyny is unfunny and old, and will be ignored by me. GL trolling other people.

Edit: Sorry, Timbal, if I broke any rules by asking. I'm thinking it was probably locked because of the other people though, and rightly so.

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#88 - 2008/05/28 03:09:54 AM
Please pay particular attention to the lock sign issued to this thread and note that it coincides with your inability to further post in it. Thank you.