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#0 - 2008/06/16 10:55:35 PM
this is from wowwiki..

The total experience needed to reach level 60 is 4,084,700. The total for 60 to 70 is 6,762,300. That makes 10,847,000 points in total to reach 70.

An amusing but probably not very significant figure is that the half-way point to 60 for raw experience point accumulation is 12,550 XP into level 48. Halfway to 70 for raw experience point accumulation is 344,500 XP into level 62. In actual practice, quests contribute significantly to XP so the half-way point is somewhere below this.

i dont understand what the underlined part is saying, could somebody explain?

the way i see it, it doesnt matter how you get those experience points, because halfway to 70 will always be half of 10,847,000 right? so how could the halfway point to 70 change based on if you quest or not?

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#4 - 2008/06/16 11:16:44 PM
Q u o t e:
You get a lot more XP from quests at level 60 than level 10, so maybe they mean that half-way in time rather than XP, would be earlier.

This is exactly correct. If you're looking for a half-way point experience-wise, you will be able to find a flat and clear median. I believe the WoWwiki excerpt quoted in the original post is referring to the amount of time required to reach 70. Given that one will accumulate experience much more quickly from 62-70 -- both by killing creatures and completing quests -- the time investment median will be somewhere shy of 62 and post level 35.

Please note I didn't verify the actual experience half-way points, so this is written with the assumption the numbers presented are correct.