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#0 - 2007/10/13 12:37:45 AM
In case you haven't heard, the next incremental patch will destroy the entire game.


5000g is too much for a flying mount
Blizzard never listens to players
WoW is the new EverQuest
BC ruined the game
WotLK will ruin the game
Every patch has ruined the game
The entire game is one stupid eternal grind, get out now
Scrubs get welfare epics from arenas
Scrubs is a hilarious show, incidentally
PvE is too easy
PvP is broken
Lore is dead
Snape killed Dumbledore
Blacksmithing / Enchanting / Engineering is too hard to level
Heroics are too hard
Karazhan is too easy; remove the lockout
That huntress turned out to be a guy in real life
Blizzard favours Horde
Blizzard favours Alliance
Canada favours the letter U
Everyone asks me to heal
No one wants me to heal
I can't dispel Mortal Strike
I can't bubble out of Cyclone
Fear breaks too easily
Fear is overpowered
Vanish is broken
Vanish is cheating
Feral is gimp DPS
Feral Charge is overpowered
Remove the deadzone
You did what? zomg put the deadzone back in
Have you ever watched The Dead Zone? Does anyone? Why?
Earth Shield is invincibility
Make Mana Tide trainable; Resto sucks
PoM-Pyro takes skill
Flamestrike sucks
Rep grinds are too easy
Rep grinds are too boring
Bring back old-world content
Give us new endgame content
Bring back 40-man raids
Stop making everyone raid
World PvP is useless sandlol
Bring back World PvP

Did I cover everything? Please post more if I forgot some.

And as a special gift for your first purchase, we present, free of charge:

Nerf Druids
Nerf Hunters
Nerf Mages
Nerf Paladins
Nerf Priests
Nerf Rogues
Nerf Shaman
Nerf Warlocks
Nerf Warriors
Buff Druids
Buff Hunters
Buff Mages
Buff Paladins
Buff Priests
Buff Rogues
Buff Shaman
Buff Warlocks
Buff Warriors


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#28 - 2007/10/13 01:06:17 AM
Q u o t e:

I'm almost certain one day, the english language will turn into just the first letters. i.e


Hey, no need to repeat yourself