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#0 - 2008/04/01 11:47:26 PM
the weakest link of this game is its lack of classes it should have more.

to make a joke out of it, not having introduced a new class in 3+ years seems rather awkward.

anyone reading that that loves the game but would like to see it improve isnt going to go "oh haha good one" they are going to go "why are they joking around about something that would be high on wish lists everywhere.

oh well what can you do just wish if they knew that people might get their hopes up over something like that, they would follow through this expac should have 2-3 brand new classes not 1.

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#19 - 2008/04/02 12:12:41 AM
We're extremely excited about the announcement, I'm not sure what would indicate that it's in any way a joke. The synergy of the Bard with the existing classes, and their epic quest lines will introduce them as a new hero class that is a force to be reckoned with. And one that should add flavor and excitement to those looking for alternate play styles.