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#0 - 2009/05/04 12:37:49 PM
Found this at US forums, seems some ppl is having issues with dps after 3.1, like i do... :<


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#28 - 2009/05/07 02:17:05 PM
Hi guys,

Just thought I would post a quick comment in this thread :-)

There are indeed indications that Elemental DPS has been lowered, however it should be said that we do not think that this is caused by a bug. It is something we are looking into, but the cause behind the DPS loss is elusive and we have yet to identify the culprit.

We have noticed that some Shamans have said that they see no real change in DPS, while others report big DPS losses, so the solution is not a mere matter of throwing in a buff here and there. One thing we are most certainly not going to do is to randomly change numbers in hopes that this will fix things, but we are in the process of identifying the nature of the issue. A fix will of course be made as soon as we know exactly what is causing this issue.

We very much appreciate your input, so please continue to post your feedback on this matter, as long as you are being constructive that is... "bump for buffs" and "fixitfixitfixit" type posts are not really that helpful :-)