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We have compiled the following guide, to cover many of the common problems we see when players are trying to install the Public Test Realm client. Installation should be quite straight forward but should you have a problem then some of these steps should help.

Please remember that the Test realms are free service that allows us to find any potential problems with the content in the patch, post any errors or bugs you may experience during testing in this test realm forum.


Installation of a test realm patch should be quite straight forward, much like that of a normal patch. It is very important to remove any previous test realm clients first before attempting to patch the game.

The Test realm is installed into a Folder named WoWtest, before you install a new PTR client you should delete this folder:

1) Right-Click on the World of Warcraft icon and select Properties
2) Locate and select the button named Find Target, or Open Program Location if you are using Windows Vista
3) Check for the folder named WoWtest and delete this folder
Note also that your World of Warcraft game client should be patched up to the most current version that is live on the game realms.

Our support FAQ also has several articles covering other issues you may encounter during patching:

Windows Vista -
Waiting for Files to close -
General Patching Steps[Windows] -
General Patching Steps[Mac] -

Invalid Username or Password

You may not be able to get onto the PTR if you have changed your password in the last 3 weeks. You can try to use an old password but there's no guarantee this will work. Also, only those players who have had their accounts active for at least 7 weeks will be able to log in to the Public Test Realm Client.

Please also note that if you have only just recently upgraded your account to the Burning Crusade but have had an active account for sometime you may receive an error when trying to log in with premade or copied characters.

Unable to Validate Game Version

This error, in most of the reported cases on the Public Test Realm Clients, occurs when patching is attempted when an older Public Test Realm Client is still installed in the WoWTest folder.

This can be fixed by removing the old test client.
1) Locate World of Warcraft desktop icon
2) Right-Click and select Properties
3) Locate and select the button named Find Target, or Open Program Location if you are using Windows Vista
4) Check for the folder named WoWtest and delete this folder
Make sure that you are downloading the most current Test Realm patch from our website

Unable to Connect

If after installing the test client on your machine you are faced with an “Unable to Connect” message when attempting to connect. Typically in many cases this is down to some form of security software located on the machine that may be blocking or is not correctly allowing access for the games files.

In order to resolve this you should check the configuration of your firewall to ensure that the Wow file used by the test client is not blocked in any way.

The following links cover a small number of the more popular Firewalls and routers, should yours not be listed, it is recommend that you contact the manufacture of that device or software.

Configuring your Firewall -
Configuring your Router -
Norton Internet Security -

Further Assistance

If you continue to experience problems installing or connecting to the Public Test Realm Client, please consult our Technical Support FAQ or contact our Technical Support team on their forum or via phone or email:

Technical Support FAQ:

Technical Support Forum:

Contacting Technical Support by e-mail:

Contacting Technical Support by phone: