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#0 - 2009/05/04 11:21:45 PM
I have some problems with my shaman atm.
Before dual specc was introduced, i used to crit for around 7-8k with LB
Sometimes higher and sometimes lower but most crits around 7-8k.
Few weeks ago dual specc came out and now my dmg has gone down a lot.
Now when i go raiding my LB wil crit for 5-6k.
These are the numbers i see when LB crits : 5.6k, 5.4k, 6k, 5.7k, 6.8k and so on.
Only when al my trinkets procc and i get over 3k spellpower i crit for 8k with LB.

I was wondering if there more ele shamans that got this problem since dual specc came out.
I got pretty good gear and my talent build is also not bad.
I hope i am not the only one with this bug and hope blizz wil look into it and fix it.

Even an enhancement shaman was critting higher with LB then me in raids:(

I got around 2300+ spellpower with totem and flametongue weapon.
I am dual specced.
Glyphs: Flame shock, Lightning bolt(got this one after 3.1 patch), glyph of lava.

Lightning bolt(before 3.1) : 7-8k avarage
Lightning bolt(after 3.1) : 5-6k avarage

Lava burst (before) : 10-12k avarage
lava burst (after) : 8-10k avarage

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#13 - 2009/05/11 04:06:40 PM
Q u o t e:
I hope they wil find out soon what is causing this problem.
We're still unable to find bugs or issues with the workings behind the Elemental tree, and outside of the nerf to scorch our data shows little to no change in damage from 3.0.9 to now.

However, with that in mind, we do feel Elemental damage could use some more attention and there may be some minor (beneficial) changes upcoming.

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#28 - 2009/05/13 12:19:23 PM
Just to keep you updated, you may find this of interest if you have not already seen it.