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#0 - 2010/01/31 06:24:20 PM
Greetings fellow forumers.

I have recently seen alot of complaints on these forums and ingame about people doing low dps and getting kicked out of HC PuGs.

I feel that if you do NOT pull your weight in a heroic dungeon then you don't really deserve to be there.

I can already see these comments in the next few posts :

"Everyone has to start somewhere, cut the new level 80's some slack"
"Why do you have to be such an elitist ##%hole??"
"If the dungeon doesn't wipe, why do you kick the low dps"

These are but a few of the comments that are going to pop up, and let me tell you, there is currently a blue-geared project going on, where people are doing 3-4k dps in BLUE items, YES Blue items.

And i'm not expecting 5k+ dps in every heroic, but doing anything less then 1k in anything more then blue items, then well, you suck, and shouldn't be in the heroic.

Here is the link to the page where the blue project is underway.

Have a nice day, and by the way, i cant wait to kick more morons and slackers out of pugs.

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#77 - 2010/02/01 10:47:01 AM
Closing this as this is becoming too much of a flamefest.

Please keep it civil people.