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#0 - 2009/05/07 09:54:06 AM
This was a horrible bandaid fix. Look on arenajunkies (or something similar) to see how many teams per BG are above 2350 in 3s and 5s. Most likely under 10 (being generous).

Now look at 2s. My bg has so many teams above 2350 in 2s still, this solved nothing but p iss off people with "high" rated teams in other brackets. Now I am trying to power level a 2s to 2350 with my disc priest from 3s...It seems like the only way I can get my t2 weapons. 2350 in 3s is quite silly at this rate. The top, deadly glad team is barely there.

The logic that the same amount of people getting pvp weapons should be the same as pve grade equivs is bogus with this system. maybe 1-2 5s teams per bg will get them, and a handful of 3s while 2s there will be no difference. There are plenty of teams out there 2500+ even.

Arena item purchases should NOT be based on RATING, but how many points a team gives per week BASED off rating. This way, a 2200 3s (1100ish points) would be on par with a 2400 2s (estimate).

anyone else agree with this idea? my team is 13-14th place as 2200. There is ONE team above 2350, and only 5 above 2300.

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#14 - 2009/05/07 05:48:30 PM
Please checkout the info on in-game update we posted:

"We are preparing an in-game update that will be improving the rating system of the 3v3 and 5v5 brackets to allow all three of the brackets to have a similar number of players able to achieve ratings on par with what’s currently possible in our 2v2 arena bracket."