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#0 - 2009/05/14 11:59:49 AM
From GC :

Fury DPS is a bit too low at the moment (Source)

It is. I said above that we think DK AE is too high. The question then is whether DK single target damage is too high. It is probably higher than warrior single target damage, but we think in this case that warriors (esp. Fury) are a little low.

The Ulduar encounters are very diverse. That's actually a good thing because it chills out some of the obsession with "Is his class better than mine?" However that doesn't absolve us with the responsibility of making some changes when things feel off.

Overall PvE DPS (Source)

We are likely to buff warrior dps slightly in PvE. Fury likely needs more than Arms, but our intent for now is also to buff Arms a little. (Our intent could change of course.)

We don't have any specific changes to announce. Do not expect to see a 20% jump in your numbers. Please do not interpret this as the class, stances or rage mechanics being re-designed. Look at our recent change to Lightning Overload as the kind of thing we might implement.

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#22 - 2009/05/14 08:26:12 PM
It is indeed true that we are looking into the possibility of giving a small DPS increase to Warriors. We are particularly looking at Arms Warriors at this moment in time, although we are aware that Fury Warriors might need a slight DPS increase as well.

We will of course let you know as soon as we are ready to share some more specific details on what changes we are looking into, but it should be said right now that you should not expect a massive damage increase.

We are looking into tweaking Warriors in a similar way as we tweaked Shamans with the Lightning Overload change: