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#1 - 2016/05/08 06:19:00 PM
Curious on peoples thought about the prices of some new things added in recent builds most particularly the spider mount for 2 million gold and the other items that can be acquired from the vendor. Yes i am aware the its still alpha and yes i am aware they maybe place holder prices.

How ever the concern is real when they actively raise an items cost from 100k to 2mil just because they're raising gold cap does that really warrant a need for absurdly priced items that a fraction of the people will be able to afford.

Unless the ways to make gold become extremely easy without having to play the ah for resales. having items that are such excessive gold dumps seems entirely stupid, is this not what the black market auction house was created for?

I say leave the BMAH the gold dump of the game having stuff on vendor with such stupid prices is unreasonable to say the least.

Anyway i know these are likely placeholders but i believe my points are real and may concern a bigger chunk of the population then it doesn't, i for one would not like to piss away all my gold just because i want a mount that insanely overprice.

Interested on thoughts about this stuff as i haven't really seen anything about stuff like this even much of the gold cap raise.

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#14 - 2016/05/09 04:18:00 AM
There are, as people have noticed, a small handful of very expensive items on vendors in Legion. This isn't anything fundamentally new - the original Kirin Tor Signet Ring cost a small fortune in relative terms when it first came out in Wrath, as did the Grand Expedition Yak in Mists.

When it comes to cosmetic items and convenience perks, they vary tremendously by source, both in terms of playstyle and degree of difficulty. Some are widely-earned rewards, some were simply a matter of being around at the right time (e.g. the Onyxian Whelpling), others require tremendous skill (Gladiator mounts, Mythic raid mounts from current content), while others require a combination of persistence and luck (Time-Lost Proto Drake, Elegon's mount, etc.). Some require you to engage in PvP, others require raiding, others require extensive outdoor gameplay, or profession use. And some require a sustained and concerted effort to accumulate a ton of gold.

Besides, think of it as a favor to all the arachnophobes out there - do you really want massive spiders skittering around everywhere?