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#0 - 2009/05/25 08:05:07 PM
So i had this idea this idea for a new achievement category and felt that i have to share it, say it went live, patch notes would look like this:

Crazy Achievements are coming to Azeroth!

New incredibly hard challenges are awaiting the achievement hunters in patch 3.2! These mostly solo only achievements are extremely difficult to complete, are worth 25 achievement points each and most of them will individually reward you with a non-combat item. Each of these achievements found in the Crazy category is also found in the category it normally fits in, but they are in golden dragon frame (Similiar to elite monsters) to indicate that they are the ones that require special attention to complete.


The Argent rampage

Defeat 10 argent champions (One of each faction) in a row at the argent tournament without healing up.

Title reward : The Cavalryman

Youre not getting this one

While the opponent team in Alterac Valley holds all graveyards, personally assault the graveyard in your base.

The daily bread with butter

Complete 25 daily quests each day for 10 days in a row

Not as easy as you thought, eh?

Solo Onyxia with equipment of max item level of 100.


Two-man onyxia with equipment of max item level of 40.

Reward : Onyxian drakeling

Ever heard of speed runs?

Within three hours, enter every single instance in World of Warcraft without using summons, hearthstone, or any other teleport mechanic.

Ironman was weaksauce

In Warsong Gulch, hold the flag for ten minutes, then get a killing blow on the enemy flag carrier, personally return the flag, and score.

I walk alone

With walk mode turned on, hike from Darkshore to Silithus without turning walk mode off.

Title reward : Hiker

Now that's a good hiding spot!

At time of 18:00 to 20:00, while not grouped In Ironforge or Orgrimmar, kill 15 guards within 5 seconds and then survive 30 minutes in the zone without dying (And stealthing).

Reward : Infiltrator's tabard

A little self confident, aren't we?

While the opposing team holds at least two bases in Eye of the storm, grab the flag, get 10 killing blows and then visit each of the four bases without dropping the flag or dying.

Why are you doing this to me?

Earn exalted status with The Frostborn, and then solo the chess event in Karazhan.

Title reward : The cold mastermind

Top Gun

Kill two players on a flying mount within one minute.

That's only a few, I will put more of these ideas here when i get the time, personally i think that such category would be truly awesome. Be sure to put in your best ideas as well!

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#63 - 2009/12/17 08:32:38 PM
A lot of these ideas are pretty cool... some of them seem to be truly crazy hard :-)

Someone should compile these ideas into a list and post them on the suggestions forum