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#0 - 2009/05/26 09:34:51 PM
For those who don't want to sift through the many pages of comments, here is a summary

-Planned for the next major content patch (3.2?)

-Many people like the new graphics for the druids
*some complain they are just reskins and not new models
*they are new models, as confirmed by Neth, and the tongue/eyes/claws ect

-As of now, will utilize the barber shop feature to alter hair and skin color of the character to change form colors
*currently five color choices

-Druid bear and cat forms will, allegedly, have closed mouths when not roaring.

-Bear and Dire bear distinction have not yet been announced by a blue

-Thus far only bear and cat forms are being affected
*many are saddened by the fact that moonkin and tree forms are not getting an over haul
*may be implemented in future content patches
*many forget that travel form and aquatic form also could use a buff
*neither are alleged to be in the plans
^ as per reply from Zarhym, other forms remain a work in progress, and are desired to be out "sooner rather than later"

-Many people (if not all) want the feature of development/progression of their character form
*meaning they want changes displayed as the character levels, armor or other...things
*not on the time table yet

-Many agree that gender distinction would be awesome, if not a must.
*sadly not on the time table yet

Did I forget some things? Add to this of course.
Happy druid-ing

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#46 - 2009/05/27 02:30:33 AM
Q u o t e:
That is a fair point.
I would think that just sucking it up and doing all forms at once would save them more in the long run. Then they wouldn't have to keep coming back to do more changes.

The other forms do remain a work in progress. We decided it best to release bear and cat as soon as they were ready. We started them first because they are the oldest of the form models, and were in desperate need of a revamp and some additional textures to bring them more in line with the higher resolutions we've been using in the expansions. The Art team remains very busy on several different tasks for World of Warcraft, but now that new art for cat and bear are imminent, we'd like to keep pushing out new forms sooner rather than later.

I dig the original post summary. :)

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#97 - 2009/05/27 07:06:28 AM
Q u o t e:
A comes before H why is it they always get the sneak peaks first?

The screen shots for the new tauren bear looks were finished and approved first. It's really that simple an answer when it comes to multiple departments working together to release a preview of upcoming content simultaneously on websites and forums around the world... in multiple languages.

Q u o t e:
how nice
now how about something actually useful like making it so I can actually be competitive and not a free honor kill as a moonkin?

The art team can't help you there. Let us stay on topic please. :)