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#0 - 2009/05/27 06:07:37 AM
I read through the Blue post announcing it and was surprised to see a very positive reception of this "change."

Druids aren't getting new forms. The same old forms are getting a re-skin. Tanks are still bears. Dps'ers are still cats. You'll just be a different color. If Blizzard announced new demons for Warlocks and then gave us a red colored Voidwalker, Warlocks would be pissed.

There are threads denouncing Blizzard for blandness in raid gear, how the Deathknight starting gear is recycled endlessly in Northrend, and how Tier 7/7.5 is just recycled T3. The claims in those threads is that simply re-coloring a model isn't enough, players demand more, more originality, more creativity, just more.

So I guess I'm asking why Druids are so happy over such a small and insulting change, considering how common the act of re-coloring models is, and how long it took to reach the classes.

Edit: Read the blue posts. It is not a simple re-skin, they upped the poly count. So it's still a bear, with the same logo on the shoulders, and the horns, and a mouth that occasionally closes, and it's a more detailed bear, but that's like calling the update on the Succubus model a NEW demon!

They're selling a new Form, and they're giving a more detailed old form. C'mon, that's crap.

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#67 - 2009/05/28 12:44:47 AM
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