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#0 - 2009/05/28 07:12:25 PM
Couldn't you have just put horns on the bleed rack for use of all the others? I mean I see where you were going with the new forms but honestly, in my opinion, the rage guard has it's ups and downs.

I plan on making a female NE in the future and when I go into cat form on her I would really appreciate it if you would just go ahead and make the thing fly backwards so we can change our hair style based upon the innervate cooldown.

Lastly... we've been waiting for 4 years for these changes and then you are trying to tell me that the new bear forms are going to relax comfortably on a crouton salad? Please... Blizzard ... Us tree and Boomkins would really appreciate if you would add a second sandwich because we are hungry.

Thank you.

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#3 - 2009/05/28 07:25:08 PM
Stay in school kids.