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#0 - 2009/05/29 12:15:53 AM
Going to jump on the bandwagon and add another thread with the same topic to the list. if you don't know what the rage nerf is all about here's the link to the original thread on Elitist Jerks, observations made on live:

Essential what we got is an unannounced flat -25% to all rage generation from damage done, which is a crippling nerf to already struggling dps warriors.

If you want to help in getting at least the attention of forum moderators then copy-paste thread or start one of your own with a similar topic name, because they do pay attention.


Edit: The nerf is actually indeed live on 3.1, sorry for any confusion caused.

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#6 - 2009/05/29 06:43:18 PM
We investigated this issue and found it was not true – the rage generation formula has not changed anytime recently. So we looked into it further to figure out why this was being brought up and here are some of the problems we came across:

  • In the formulas people are using, there is a constant value which is labeled as ‘c’. At some point in the past, someone calculated a formula for determining c based on their level and that formula is not correct past level 70 as this value needs retuning from time to time like when a new expansion comes out. The value listed for c is 320.6 when it is actually 453.3.

  • We modified the system for displaying power bars in Wrath of the Lich King to have the client display its best guess of how much power they have, which is very deterministic for mana or energy, but not so much for rage. This most likely results in the displayed rage being off slightly at times, making the data collection more difficult. The client displays its best guess and the server validates the power usage against the value it knows they actually have - the two can be out of synch occasionally which throws the data off.

  • Some of the testing was done with ungeared characters hitting for very small amounts. There is a component to the calculation we haven’t previously mentioned that will make the rage gained from those attacks sometimes not match the formula. Basically, the normal formula is Rage = (7.5d/c+f*s)/2. However, that result can never be larger than (7.5d/c)*2. This essentially means that very low damage attacks have a limit on how much they can be averaged up by the f*s component of the equation.

To try and clarify things for the number crunchers, conceptually, here is the formula for rage generation:
  • 1) Determine rage based on damage done divided by a level constant (7.5*d/c)
  • 2) Determine how much rage would be 3.5 rage per second when factoring in the hit made and the weapon’s speed (f*s)
  • 3) Average the two of them together (the divided by 2 part).