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#0 - 2009/06/01 02:47:42 PM
What are you doing?

Why are you STILL just making tweaks here and there for the Warrior class?
Don't you get it? The Warrior class needs a revamp. You STILL haven't even REMOTELY fixed the scaling issues! You STILL haven't made the hybridness of Warriors live up to their name!

Fix Rage scaling. It shouldn't be so flippin gear dependant! If I had a dull grey sword or a shiny magical epic axe, I would be just as angry because of that!
Urgh there are so many issues with Warriors:

*Strange and stupid scaling with Rage. Why even scale? Normalize it!
*No hybridness what so ever, neither in utility, tankability (for Arms/Fury) or CC. NONE!
*Because of above statement, and even though you call it unimportant, 1 vs 1 is more or less impossible against any skilled player.
*The survival skills (both of them -.-) not only has stance restrictions, but also requires shields. You can't even remove it with talents or anything! Macros are not supposed to be a MUST!
*Uber crap damage for Prot and instead has oldschool "built in threat" in attacks which is plain outdated plus which makes Arms/Fury suffer.
*Heroic Strike and Cleave. RSI is all i have to say.
*The burst of Warriors... where is it? Or more like this: Where is the DAMAGE?! Why does it have to be RNG (Sudden Death) or messed up (Taste for Blood, both with rend ticks scaling with haste (= bad) and doesn't proc on absorbs) or in the case of Prot, nonexistant? (Look at Devastate... it's WEAK!)
*Backwards scaling for tanking (avoidance makes your Rage income suffer). THAT is messed up!
*Unable to run and cast Slam... WTF?!
*Siege vehicles unable to bleed... ok? But diseases works lol? WTF?!
*Can't buff up unless using a cooldown (thus removing an emergency move) or if in combat thus messing up rotations due to GCD and their short duration.
*Something simple as the above statement isn't cured by the BG prep thing you rezzing at the GY either, further proving the neglect of Warriors.
*Why the big amount of Shout talents?
*The insane bloat in Fury... urgh.
*Why the RNG on Improved Hamstring? I've seen lots of great posts about revamping Rend and Hamstring so Hamstring immobilizes baseline with a cd and Rend has the slow on it and is useable in any stance. Urgh blizz... URGH!
*Why the triple penalty of stance dancing? (Abilities, rage loss, and the stance penalties)
*Why did you even add the UA spellpower reduction instead of just giving Pummel to Battle Stance?
*Still no merge of the weapon specs.
*Sword spec still close to useless.
*Talents with HUGE penalties (The incoming Juggernaut nerf is probably the most illogical and stupid nerf I've ever seen in this game), and blame the nerf on TG on "we can't split the talent"... ??? What? Ofc it can, doesn't require much thinking. Just have Titan's Grip a bit earlier, and then have a linked "Improved Titan's Grip" linked to it, with X number of talent points need to reduce whatever penalty it has. Pfft...
*Why can't you have the Rage bar show what you REALLY have in Rage? You can have 12 Rage and still be unable to Intercept. THAT further shows ALOT of neglect towards Warriors.

There is probably more, just couldn't remember it all.
Like so many people have said: "We don't want to be overpowered, we just want be FUNCTIONING!"

Blizz, you have (mostly) done a great job with WotLK. I applaud you for that. But when it comes to the Warrior class? I don't think I need to say much more.

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#26 - 2009/06/02 02:31:53 PM
Q u o t e:
Good post; this sums up some of the problems that Warriors have been asking for changes since the release of WoW.

A total revamp sounds interesting, as long as the play style isn't affected. The rage system is the only reason that I play a warrior over any other class right now. (I hate the way rage is generated, but having a potentially unlimited resource is much more fun than energy or mana).

You should not expect to see a total class revamp, but that doesn't mean that Warriors will never see any changes or improvements in the future.

The topic of rage generation is a topic that has been brought up quite a few times now, and it is also one that the developers discuss from time to time. We are discussing ways to change rage generation so that it is a more fun mechanic, but we do not have any tangible information on this that we can share with you yet.

We have spent much time gathering your feedback and reading your suggestions, and we have seen many both good and bad suggestions on how to make the system better.

One of the suggestions we have seen brought up a few times, is to make Warriors generate rage primarily from the damage they inflict. This is a suggestion that we like as it has some potential to address certain issues, such as the situation where Warriors have trouble off-tanking because they aren't getting hit, or the situation where better gear leads to rage starvation in lower instances. A rage generation system like this one might even make it slightly more interesting to gear up your Warrior, as you would have a little more flexibility and freedom to focus more on DPS stats than survival stats.