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#0 - 2009/06/04 02:10:55 PM
It seems there are some major plans coming for 3.2 since the CMs are putting up a general Q&A!

From MMO Champ's Blue Post Tracker:

Q u o t e:
Shaman (3.1 Skills List / 3.1 Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Shamans Q&A
We hope to have the combined global Shaman Q&A posted within a week or so. Because we are trying to ensure this is posted in all regions at the same time, multiple translations have to be made and there's been a lot of questions submitted, so it's not a super fast process unfortunately, but it is being done this way with good intent.

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#10 - 2009/06/04 05:01:56 PM
So let's get this straight, you're quoting my post from here in the EU forums, from a blue tracker site? :-) You can instead just reply to the topic I posted in originally... it's here just a few threads below yours...