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#0 - 2009/06/05 10:37:17 AM
Yo all! :)

Figured I'd make a post and share my experience and advice on how to level
a priest. Since my priest (alt char) is only at 36, I'd shorten this guide to
levels between 1 and 40. Again, this is just my personal experience :)

Starters info
As a priest, you should aim for these stats, in the order I present it to you

- Intellect
- Spirit
- Stamina



These are two useful lists. Depends on how you like to play.
Basically you want a lot of mana, which shortens your down-time (mana drinking period).
And you'd want spirit to increase the rate at which you gain mana (and spell power later).
Stamina is always nice to boost your health, no info needed here :)

Since I'm playing Horde, I'll keep my advice to Horde races only.

Blood Elves have a nice talent called Arcane Torrent. It's highly useful in both
PvP and PvE. It gives you 6% of your mana back when you use it, and it silence and
interrupts spell casting of enemy players/mobs.

Undead have the infamous Will of the Forsaken. The best option if you love PvPing.
Not that much useful in PvE. The effect makes you immune to fear, charm and sleep effects.

Trolls have a nice racial ability increasing casting speed for us casters.
Very useful, and may save your sorry little troll butt in a fight.

Talent spec
Right, this is a hot topic. Some say holy and some say shadow. Here's
how I'd go. I chose holy. It has good damage from level 20 and up, you'd
do great in groups, and you'll have an easy time levelling.
The points are given in the chronological order of levels.

-3/3 points in Spirit Tap
-5/5 points in Holy Specialization
-5/5 points in Divine Fury
-1/1 points in Desperate Prayer
-2/2 points in Healing Focus
-3/3 points in Improved Renew
-2/2 points in Searing Light
-2/2 points in Holy Reach
-1/1 points in Spirit of Redemption
-5/5 points in Spiritual Guidance
-2/2 points in Surge of Light

Spirit tap is nice, gives you a lot of mana back after you kill a creature. The rest are put into
the Holy Tree. Smite and Holy Fire does a fair amount of damage.
Divine Fury reduces the cast time of smite and holy fire by 0.1 sec per point spent.
Searing Light increases your holy damage by 5% per point spent.
Surge of Light with 2 points in, grants you a 50% chance on each critical strike
made by your spells to cause your Smite or Flash Heal to be instantly cast,
with no mana usage.

I chose to run with Glyph of Smite. It makes your smite deal 20% more damage to targets
affected by Holy Fire. This glyph isn't useful until you get to level 20. The second glyph I
chose was Glyph of Inner Fire. It increases the armor of Inner Fire by 50%. Which
I believe is a very nice boost. I have around 35% damage reduction from Physical Attacks.
At 34 I chose the Glyph of Levitate. It makes your Levitate spell disregard regeants.

Spell Rotation
A spell rotation is how you initiate and end your spell casting toward mobs.
Some say you should cast Power Word: Shield. I don't think it's a good idea.
My rotation is as this:

Level 4-20:
Smite, Shadow Word:Pain, Smite Smite
Level 20-40:
Holy Fire, Smite, Smite, Smite

The reason I like this rotation is because you can take down any mob at your level
in roughly 10 seconds. Your mana-usage is low, and your damage is actually good.
Powerword: Shield can be cast when needed, but I try not too, since it costs way too
much mana.

A good wand is a must! It can save your life, and make you save mana! Try to
keep the wand up to date. The way I use wands is to take down fleeing mobs,
or mobs with low health. You save mana, and grants you Spirit Tap.

A profession is a "branch" in your career that gives you a small boost to your character, and
enables you to craft certain and mostly helpful items. It is also a good source of income.
As a Priest, you'd want to avoid Blacksmithing, since you have no real benefits of it.
Enchanting is nice, at higher levels you can enchant your own rings, which is the "minor boost"
I mentinoed. Alchemy isn't bad either. My best advice would be to start with a profession
you'd like, and feel you can master. If you're unsure of what to choose, take Herbalism
and Mining. You can sell the resources you find for a good and solid coin, and you can
replace either of them on later levels.

Additional information
If you have a level 80 main character, I strongly advice you to get the shoulder pads
you can buy with Stone Keeper's Shards. Gives you 10% more experience from
any mob you slay, or quest you turn in.

I'd also strongly advice you not to go for Spell Power items at lower levels.
You'll run out mana quickly. Intellect and Spirit would be my choise.
I'd also stay away from hit rating. Levelling 1-40 shouldn't need hit-rating since you'll
be fighting mobs at a equal level. Spirit, in my spec, increases your spell-power
by 5% per point spent in Spiritual Guidance. That's why i'd say spirit and intellect
above Spell Power. Remember, this is a level 1-40 levelling guide :)

Well, that was it :) I hope this helps out those of you who would like to start out as
a priest. It's a fun class, and most groups need one. Again, these tips are based on my
personal experience :)


- Added a new stat priority list (since some like spirit above intellect)
- Added a new point including wands
- Added additional info on spellpower and hit-rating

- Added more info on Undead's racial ability
- Corrected some spelling
- Further explained why I chose the specific Holy Talents

- Explained how a Wand can save mana for you
- Corrected some spelling
- Added Professions as a new minor topic
- Explained Spell Rotation

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Always nice with a guide like this for newcomers :-)

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