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#0 - 2009/06/09 09:35:36 AM

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We are in the process of completing a hotfix that could go live as early as this afternoon that will make the Paladin talent Vindication no longer reduce Intelligence or Stamina from the target it is applied to. The talent will continue to reduce Agility, Spirit, and Strength as it currently does. We felt this change will help balance the ability out, especially in the lower arena brackets where they are very prominent, while not being a negative impact on a Retribution Paladin’s PvE dps.

Once this hotfix is live, the tooltip will be incorrect until we can update it in the next content patch.

Doesn't this basically mean the effect of Vindication on casters is pretty much no effect at all?

All you do is reduce a casters mana regen! Fantastic.

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#4 - 2009/06/09 10:31:54 AM