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#1 - 2011/03/23 04:14:00 PM
Why did u remove skirmish arenas?They were so fun to spend your free time,find partners or learn something new about PvP.

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#3 - 2011/03/23 04:18:00 PM
Ask the Devs - Answers #2 - PvP:

    Q: Arena Skirmishes: What happened to them? They were a useful tool in trying new compositions, testing out a new teammate, or just having some fun during downtime. Wargames are nice, but did skirmishes have to go in order for them to be implemented? – Zubzar (North America/ANZ), Nølfen (Europe [French]), Jinusek (Europe [English]), Whoohoo (Europe [German])

    A: We didn’t cut Skirmishes because they were flawed. We just thought we’d get more bang for the buck out of Wargames. While some players enjoyed Skirmishes, we can tell you that overall they were used very rarely. We would have kept them if it had been relatively easy to do so, and we may add them back someday, but it’s just not a huge priority based on their previous popularity.

Locking this as there are other threads on the subject, and also the question was answered in the Q&A thread stickied at the top of this forum.