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#1 - 2011/03/23 02:42:00 PM
Now, before i begin ranting (it isnt at the spell, or effects of then. Its something different) i'd like to get afew things clear.
1)Im not in anyway moaning about fear effects or fleeing etc
2)This is an alt i arena with for fun, nothing else.

Right, long story short: How is it fair or balanced in an arena match if a class casts a fear on your team and your healer gets stuck in a dam piller THREE TIMES in three games and you lose those games...

Now, what happens when your feared to get stuck in objects or just flee through walls and why the hell hasnt this been fixed yet? i've known its been around for years and its just stupid to lose arena matchs because of it (that, we'd of won aswell). We play for fun, losing rating and matchs due to stupid bugs like that is fustracting, even more so when arenas the most fun i've had for months on this game.

Again, fear effects are fine. Its the bloody bugs they cause that is annoying...

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#4 - 2011/03/23 03:00:00 PM
Hey Pyrotroll,

I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiences in Arenas.

Perhaps you could make a post about it in the 4.0.6/4.0.6a Known Issues & Bug Reports - Part II thread that our Customer Support team are maintaining in their forum here:

Good luck with future Arena matches, hope they bring you the enjoyment that you seek from them :)