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#1 - 2011/03/23 06:01:00 PM
Well just look the thread title. Every other form of CC, either lasts for just a few seconds ( max like 5) or breaks on damage. But I you are disarmed, and have your trinket on cooldown, you are guaranteed to stay there like a clown for 10 seconds doing almost nothing while taking damage. 10 seconds!!! I dont see any 10 seconds Silences! Adding the fact that every single class with a disarm spell has a slow too (correct me if wrong), you cant even run to stay safe or anything, and makes slowing them obsolete.

Balance? Since making it break on damage wouldnt make that much sense, change Disarm durations to last 5 to 6 seconds maximum.

Opinions are welcome, prove me wrong that disarm effects are not overpowered as they are right now.

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#11 - 2011/03/23 06:15:00 PM
As others in this thread have pointed out, using a Weapon Chain on (one of) your weapons will reduce disarm duration by 60%, making a 10 second disarm last 4 seconds total.

Here are the weapon chains available to you:

No Level Requirement: Steel Weapon Chain
Level 50 Requirement: Adamantite Weapon Chain
Level 70 Requirement: Titanium Weapon Chain
Level 81 Requirement: Pyrium Weapon Chain