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#0 - 2010/02/05 06:02:28 AM
Seriously WTF is this way that blizzard treats paladis?

We have all the stupid jokes about little girl in pink , faceroll achiev , izimode faesroll npcs etc ets

Then whe it comes to paladin nerfs THE HOTFIX THEM while for all other OP classes they w8 big patch or let them be

And now the last straw

They NERF 4% pally tANKstamina in a hotfix WITHOUT EVEN BOTHER TO MENTION THIS in notes or anything..we just noticed it

Are they Freaking kidding us?

Oh and btw if they want to make tanks more equal where the f**k is the paladin interupt?

And why ret remains THE ONLY DPS SPECC witohut interupt?they still didnt notice that is freaking essential especially after the resi buff?


P.S. its not that much the nerf itshelf that makes me angry but the way that blizzard treats paladin over all these years..

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#65 - 2010/02/05 03:33:50 PM
Locked due to unnecessary use of CAPS.

Also, please post your feedback about this change in the following thread:

Thank you.