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#1 - 2011/04/14 06:02:00 PM
well look at the first page ppl posting problems and suggestions etc any blue posters no cos there all PVE loving dumbasses who cant even sort PVP out why not make a wow game just for PVP and one for Raiding,

sick of the lack of love PVPer's get and dnt say we got rated bg's cos there fail like in game voice chat and old LFD tool

SORT PVP OUT BLIZZ OH I FORGOT ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR PRECIOUS $$$ blizzard are going down hill since they signed with craptivision

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#10 - 2011/04/15 06:14:00 AM
Before broadcasting (erroneous) facts about what we read, you might want to read the forum rules and guidelines for how to post:

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