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#1 - 2011/05/05 09:36:00 AM
We get it now, we should appreciate what we have etc, we all laughed but it's about time to stop trying to deliberately make us all waste an additional hours and hours to gear characters, which due to it simply being more accessible is mostly in 2v2, a bracket Blizzard admitted to no longer care about and feel the need to balance around, great Thanks in advance.

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#8 - 2011/05/05 10:06:00 AM
05/05/2011 11:52Posted by Rafti
basicly forcing people to play so much each week against their will.

Players who want the Conquest Points and are choosing to engage in Arena play in order to gain said points are not playing against their will. They are undertaking the means that will lead them to their goal.

Playing this game is a choice.
Engaging in the various paths of character progression is a choice.

Nobody is being held at gun point or is forced to play under duress.

This said, you may or may not agree with the amount of points gained per win or the amount of time required per week, however, using statements like the one above does not serve to validate your point.