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#0 - 2009/06/24 06:34:04 PM
Here is the thread in the PTR forums.

Here is the summary

Q u o t e:

  • The HoT ticks every 3 seconds (first tick is 3 seconds after application). 25% of the FoL heal each tick.

  • Casting a new FoL while a HoT is already applied will overwrite the HoT with a new one based on the FoL that applies it.

    --- This means that a stronger FoL HoT (from a crit) can be overwritten by a weaker one (non-crit).

    --- This also means that spamming FoL on a target will prevent the HoT from ticking at all until you stop casting FoL for more than 3 seconds.

  • The HoT buff icon is the same as the Sacred Shield buff icon. The combat log lists the HoT as Sacred Shield as well.

  • Sacred Shield does not have to be procced for the FoL HoT to be applied. It simply requires the SS buff.

  • FoL HoTs from multiple pallies do stack as separate buffs.

  • FoL HoT will not transfer to a beaconed target. i.e. Beacon on tank, SS on offtank, FoL HoT the offtank, beaconed tank does not get the FoL HoT heals.

  • FoL HoT will continue after SS expires or dispelled. aka SS just required to receive initial HoT buff.


1) One quick and hopefully easy suggestion is to fix the HoT buff to be called Flash of Light and not Sacred Shield. The Icon should match Flash of Light as well.

On to the more important aspects of this new HoT...

2) the HoT really should continue to tick even while spamming flash of light on the target.

3) stronger HoTs (from crits) should not be overwritten by weaker HoTs (non-crits)

4) it is obvious that a beaconed target should not gain their own FoL HoT buff through a beacon heal... but they SHOULD get the FoL HoT healing through beacon.

In its current form the FoL Hot is extremely underwhelming and borderline useless. Agree/Disagree?

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#54 - 2009/06/29 06:55:20 PM
We considered making the hot not get overwritten with subsequent Flashes, but first we're going to try a 1 sec periodic tick so you can get some hot benefit before the next cast.