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#1 - 2011/03/14 03:01:00 AM
I wasnt sure where to post this, so i just posted it here. Anyway, im here to request, and of course i need more people to help me out with this and to support the idea, so it can actually be developed, a Vanilla server, just 1 nothing else, it will probably cost alot of money for blizzard to put 1 vanilla server up and will take some time but its possible in my honest opinion.

Hopefuly I will get some support by vanilla players, or people that miss the old 40 man raids, or people that miss some lore they wished to have seen before it got removed (first thing that comes to my head, corrupted ashbringer for example). I just noticed there will be alot of issues like for example, things that arent obtainable anymore like the zulian tiger, that would make people transfer his char to that server so they could obtain it, but then again, its a vanilla server so the maximum lvl on it would be 60, so the only way for them to get it was on a normal vanilla raid which is fair, but then again, when they'd get the mount they could transfer the char to a normal server and lvl it to 85 which is totally unfair, (this is me thinking out load) so i tought that blizz could make possible for people to transfer their 60 chars there (or not) but that when a char is on that server it couldnt be transfered out from it ever again (just an idea).

Im giving just some examples or issues blizz could find while trying to achiev such server. But seriously i don't care what changes they would make to it as long that there is 1. Alot of people stoped playing wow cause they didnt like the way it was evolving for example since TBC or since WOTLK and so they stoped playing, imagine how many people would return to wow, wouldnt that profit of those returners be greater than the money spent on a Vanilla server?

I'm just a gamer like all of you, I pay to play, and im making a simple request, all i want is blizz to at least take a look at it and think of it. Thanks for the time everyone of you took on reading this post, appreciated :)

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#8 - 2011/03/14 09:51:00 AM
14/03/2011 3:38 AMPosted by Silverbone
If there were posts about this already, I am sorry for not searching about it, I really am. I see your point tough, everything has to evolve sometime, thats true, but still... I had to make the request anyway, and hopefuly i will find people that agree with me. I totally respect what you said tough, but then again, diferent opinions...

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