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#1 - 2011/12/01 04:40:00 PM
Good day everyone,

Since there hasn't been an official announcement on this yet, I thought I would try to inform as many people as possible like this, hopefully you guys will then again tell others.

A post like this might not reach everyone, but hopefully the information will spread.

A few hours ago Daxxarri, a CM on the US forums, made a comment on twitter in which he announced that Real ID grouping will now also be available for Battlegrounds, so you can now queue with your friends from other servers.

Hopefully this will help a bit in getting this change known and naturally, enjoy your cross-server Battlegrounds ;)

Edit: Forgot to mention but all credits go to the US MVP Eldacar for noticing this. I hadn't noticed it myself yet.

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#15 - 2011/12/02 02:31:00 PM
It seems this one slipped under the radar indeed, our apologies for not mentioning it sooner. Cross-realm Real-ID parties can indeed queue for battlegrounds now :-)