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#1 - 2011/04/20 12:43:00 PM
Anyone know a great RBG settup that is just like wtf overpowerd?

Im thinking like

Defence: Prot warrior,Boomking,Rshammy,Hpally,Dpriest

Offence: Arms,Arms,frost mage,rogue,Affli lock

or maybe

Defence: Prot warrior,Rshammy,Hpally

Offence: Disco priest,Arms,Arms,Frost mage,Frost mage,Rogue

lol ima just rofling about but seriusly u know a great settup or have suggestion for one plz post below <3

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#3 - 2011/04/20 01:02:00 PM
RBGs are an interesting beast to tackle for sure, and one that I've personally come to enjoy quite a bit recently.

I have run with, and faced, so many different compositions with varying degrees of success; often reliant on each other. For example, in some cases I've found that having a Fire Mage on defence can be very effective in disrupting enemy team's flag carrier bursts.

2 Arms warriors on offence can be quite successful, unless you face a team that has a lot of melee control on defence. Equally, I have been quite successful with 1 Arms warrior, 1 Frost DK on offence, to compliment the rest of the setup with Hungering Cold, Dark Simulacrum and the ranged interrupt/grip.

In the end it mostly boils down to adaptation; what you keep on offence / defence should reflect what you know/expect your enemy team to try to counter, in order to produce the highest possible success rate.

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#19 - 2011/04/20 02:39:00 PM
20/04/2011 16:23Posted by Arigold
Offence. 4 rogues and 1 boomking sneak in and kill enemy fc?

Ok, let's theory craft for a bit and see if we can get some of our resident forum experts to join in on this one.

I probably would not run this setup myself due to 4 Rogues having too many shared diminishing returns, and the fact that the enemy team could do something like fight on platform/roof and knock down the entire offence in one go (they're all stacked in one place), or leave a mage to stagger/control the rogue movements.

Additionally, with 4 Rogues, the majority of your burst is tied to 1) expose armor, and 2) Shadow Dance which can be handled via Heroic Leap / Intervene / Leap of Faith, etc.

The reaction of the opposing team thinking "oh no, 4 smoke bombs!" would be an amusing anecdote though ;)