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#1 - 2012/02/10 03:47:00 AM
Hello, I just wanted to share this video with you guys. Everytime someone says "Just let them win", it just triggers a Rage Mode inside me and this is what happens most of the time.

There are only a few things written in french here and there and during the short introduction, so you will understand 99% of what is said.

The only thing you shoudl know is "Laissez les gagner" = "Just let them win"

I did put a lot of work into it, I hope you'll enjoy it!

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#7 - 2012/02/10 02:29:00 PM
That is one of those great moments where you can look back on a game and think, "We never gave up and we came back from the brink to win it. BOOYAH!"

That was an excellent effort and I congratulate you on the victory! :D
Does anyone else have any amazing moments like this that they want to show or tell us about, where you never gave up and won by the smallest margin possible?