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#0 - 2016/04/08 02:55:11 PM

Warcraft III has received a modern-day update!

Patch 1.27a is aimed at enabling this legacy title to run smoothly on contemporary operating systems, and the client now has improved compatibility with Windows 7 and above and Mac OS X. Take a look at the Warcraft III forum post for more information on the patch, and head over to the Shop to grab your digital copy of the game.

We also released a similar patch for Diablo II. You can find more details on patch 1.14a on the Diablo II forum, and get your copy here.

Further updates are planned for both Diablo II and Warcraft III in the future, as we keep working behind the scenes to make sure you continue to have a great gaming experience. Details will be available as development progresses. Thank you for continuing to play these classic games!