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#1 - 2011/04/10 11:22:00 PM
Right, before anyone says about this toons PvP history, he is an alt, i don't PvP with him, but i have been playing on the PTR quite a lot lately, and no joke it is loss after loss after loss. I've rage quit so many times its a joke, the Horde are 1. Brainless 2. lack co ordination 3. are terrible, and on live at the end of almost every BG i read "Alliance Wins", then i compare Kills to deaths of the Horde and Alliance, and to be honest my teams get constantly slaughtered.

I don't know if i possess EXTREMELY bad luck or if a lot of the decent Horde PvPers transfer for shorter ques's but i'm getting sick of getting grouped with the most idiotic people you can imagine, the Horde are supposedly meant to be better at PvP..............yeh.......right.

/end Nerd Rage

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#17 - 2011/04/11 10:16:00 AM
Every week, almost, can one find threads in these forums proclaiming that both Horde and Alliance are "bad" at PvP.

These threads are, for the vast majority, ultra subjective and relies on "most recent experience" argumentation. Personally, I've had days where I haven't lost a single random BG, both as Horde and as Alliance. Then there are days where I felt like I've lost a good 4 in 5 games, and these days always stick more out in memory due to human nature.

My conclusion: Random team compositions are random.