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#1 - 2012/11/14 08:14:00 AM
First of all, Blizzard, this is related to bots, but it is not directly about bots -- it is about getting banned from the forums for commenting on the problem with bots. I made a thread where I expressed my frustration regarding not being able to do BGs without tons of bots, and I was banned from the forums.

I suppose this is a warning to everyone else out there. I fully support people bringing up the subject of bots on the forums since playing BGs is impossible with all the bots and therefore there is no need to reserve forum space for non-bot related threads. I also think Blizzard deserves all of this negative PR since they are doing a very, very bad job handling the situation.

But yes, it will get you banned from the forums. I was, and I had to post this through my brother's account.

Have a good day.

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#13 - 2012/11/16 11:53:00 AM
14/11/2012 13:36Posted by Sabroan
It's easier to silence players than banning bots ^^

this. blizzard is banning people who are just pissed of cus people cheat.
they should spend their time to search for botters and perm ban them instead of banning people on the forum who play the game fair but are just angry about this issue.

The forum staff are completely separate from those who deal with reports of cheaters in-game.

Our concern here is to prevent the forums from being spammed with duplicate threads on the same issue. There are many threads on this topic already which are on-going, so we are not stopping anyone from expressing their thoughts. But when duplicate threads are made purposely, they are treated as spam.

Additionally, Sizeable, making threads about disciplinary action is also against the forum rules, as is using someone else's account to circumvent a ban:

Please read through the Code of Conduct before your second suspension ends.