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#1 - 2012/07/31 02:58:00 PM
I apologise in advance as I am sure this has been suggested before, after a quick search did not find a dedicated thread so posting now for some thoughts and opinions on something I feel strongly about.

The problem I see with LFR atm is that players, and by players for this I am taking most of my friends and those I play with, is that LFR is viewed as a step INTO normal raiding atm and was supposed to be intended to be for those who cannot raid regulary and experiance what those can.
Myself and friends/guildies mostly believe that the removal of tier gear from LFR would go a long way to stop this problem. Why does LFR have to drop the same gear in effect as norm and heroic? (with just a lower ilvl ofc).

Why not have LFR drop the same ilvl gear as the heroic 5 mans? This in turn will not 'force' people into the route that is currently in cata :

Ding 85 > buy pvp gear/run old heroics > Run HoT till LFR ilvl > Run/Farm LFR (then normal/heroic onwards etc if char raids)

If tier gear was removed and ilvl of LFR gear was matched to heroics then surly would be something like this?

Ding 85 > buy pvpgear/run old heroics > Run/farm HoT heroics = LFR > Then normal/heroic raiding

I still strongly believe that would not tunnel players on alts/mains etc to have to run LFR each week, it would allow players of all skills a variety of choice to raid or dungeon without punishment and in turn mix up the content.
The only problem as I can see is the gear in LFR, while a loot table would be too time consuming for developers to create new a table without tier gear would have to suffice, still not a problem imo.

With this system I can ofc see people not being happy with not being able to obtain tier gear outside of raiding, but as content continues players have many more chances to run normals, at least this way everybody can experiance the raiding content and not be forced into doing 1 thing, and having more choice.
Just to add btw, I like the idea of LFR, I think it was a great addition to wow but not quite in its current format.

Thoughts would be appreciated :)

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#9 - 2012/08/02 07:51:00 AM
While LFR difficulty requires less coordination and organisation than normal raids, it still generally takes more effort than completing a heroic. Therefore, shouldn't the rewards be greater?

Also, I think people generally like the normal dungeon>heroic>LFR>normal raid setup. Removing a step would give people less diversity.