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#1 - 2013/02/21 01:08:00 PM
This morning has been amazing! The reason: world *pvp. Not battlegrounds, arena, dailies, HCs, raiding or any kind of organised 'event'.

It's taking me ages to level up through quests but quite honestly, I dont care. I am having a blast butchering the alliance. I'm learning about burst, offensive and defencive use of my abilities. Never before have I felt quite so intune with my character. There is little incentive for me to play this way; the 'honour' is negligable and there is no 'xp' earned. But frankly I dont care.

It is glorious destroying players, especially as the gasp for breath in their tight fitting heirlooms. A fact that make the win all the more sweet, as I sit on their corpse wearing greens and blues.

*same level range

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#7 - 2013/02/21 03:59:00 PM
21/02/2013 14:44Posted by Thrombosis
Neverless, I will press on, much blood will be spilt, even if some is my own.

Strength and Honor!
Unleash hell.

World PvP brings me some good memories... sure it can be frustrating at times, that's part of why it's so exciting, because the "stakes" and risks are higher, you know that if you lose that fight you're not going to resurrect right after, it was even more unnerving in the old days when there were less graveyards in each area.