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#1 - 2013/03/04 05:52:00 AM
Good morning World of Warcraft Community ( at least it is morning here)

Hello there i'm going to talk about botters in random battleground and in azeroth

Every random battleground i join there are some botters and it seems no one is doing a thing verses them reported them like 40 times still i just see them running around next week

If it keeps going this way i will just make a new account and bot on it ...... never done it but its getting out of hand i'm playing in the weekends 13 hours every day to make money and farming my gear on my alts and your going to tolerate people that are just using bot system ?

Pleas do something about it ..... its getting out of control

Yea but i know its hard to see when some one is botting and not just a really bad players .... still u could whisper them etc

but it seems u guys just love to put an auto talk macro and just saying sorry but we cant do anything about it ,and pleas stop saying we cant do anything about it yet we need to find the problem.

The problem is that your game is getting old and people now how to make bots in your system you need to download the bot look how its works and delete or change some parts so it wont work anymore
its not that hard .... you have like a whole team that know about pc things i mean really ?

hope you will look in to it

Hope you can read it English is horrible.

Good luck Have fun

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#7 - 2013/03/05 01:40:00 PM
We are taking actions against bots and players reporting bots is actually a tremendous help to our efforts in combating them. As mentioned in a previous thread on the topic of bots, please report players you suspect of botting to the game masters in-game: