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#1 - 2012/08/07 07:25:00 AM
Hello, I have a question. Most guilds I know create one 10-man raiding team, and that's it; they don't have the numbers to create two teams or a 25-man team, but there are significantly more people available and interested in raiding, that end up being in reserve. (I am talking about 'active' guilds - people raiding and trying to progress but with no ambition to get realm first and caring about ranking)
So, the question: Why are they so shattered? Wouldn't it be significantly better for everyone to merge, to pool resources? Instead of 3 guilds with one 10-man team, there could be 1 guild with four 10-man teams - the 'cores' could remain the same, but the people interested in raiding could have a team as well, there would be place for class redistribution, there could be fewer people on reserve... also, because of the common chat, it would be easier to get people for PvP/achievement runs/questing.

Is there some flaw I fail to see, or is it just because too many people insist on being guildmasters and having their own guild?

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#20 - 2012/08/08 01:04:00 PM
10 and 25 share a lockout
10 and 25 share loot
Legendaries can be obtained on 10 man

Hello Maracuja,
As you can see from all the answers you got on this thread, there are many reasons for having so many 10 man raids going on right now.
I would also add that we're in "low season" at the moment, DS has been running for quite a while and a lot of players are waiting for MoP, so there's less people willing to raid right now.

Also, on top of all those facts you still have to take into account the simple personal preferences of players, while for some people, 25 man dungeons might be appealing, for others, 10 man's are just much more enjoyable, and there are many reasons for that to happen, it’s easier to get a better group cohesion, it can be much calmer and less messier, they’re the usual choice for groups of friends, it’s easier to get 10 really good players and coordinate them than 25, provides a visually smoother experience (it’s less cpu and gpu intensive, this is particularly relevant to players without high-end PCs), etc…
I suspect that we'll see an increase in the amount of 25 man guilds when MoP launches, but 10 man will probably still remain as the most popular choice, there are just too many things in its favour.

We just like to give players more options to choose from, that's why 25 and 10 share the same lockout, encounter difficulty (similar but not the same) and rewards, it's fine if we see more 10 man's than 25's, it’s all about giving players freedom of choice.