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#1 - 2012/12/09 08:59:00 PM
Wy are we forced to accept any half LFR?
I have Two choices, or i queue for just 2\3 or 1\3 bosses, over and over again, never doing a full run, or i GTFO and leave waiting 30min with the deserter buff, and take my chances on another half run.
Before pach we could decided to accept a 2\3 LFR run(for VP ofc), or a full run if we need the loot<------THE LOOT(thats wy we going throu some painfull LFR experiences).

Thanks for your time.

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#9 - 2012/12/10 04:22:00 PM
"oh no someone decided they didn't want to chaperone the mouth-breathing astounding idiots, we better penalise them for valuing their own time."

Your logic, and apparently Blizzard's too.

One of the reasons why the counter was removed was to reduce the amount of players fishing for a fresh instance. It was something that was becoming an issue for all the players that were stuck in on-going groups waiting for new players to join.

When those groups were waiting at, say 2/3, the queue would start looking for new replacements, those replacements would see the queue and decided to skip it in favor of a fresh instance, creating and endless loop for the guys inside the instance where more people would leave as they grew impatient, making it harder to complete the run.

As it is right now, if you enter an on-going run, you're pretty much guaranteed a fresh instance on your next visit. In addition, the developers are considering adding a buff that players in LFR might receive if they wipe on a boss that would boost their stats, which they also hope it might help those impatient players that will leave their current LFR run after a wipe.