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#1 - 2012/12/12 04:46:00 PM

EDIT: Yep i know they changed the loot system for MoP, my bad didnt remember :)

Was doing Terrace, and got votekicked just before last boss.. Seems like some guild that had queued in the random needed the Weapons from Sha, and i was competition so votekick.

Then again queued for 30min and got votekicked once again, there was some 8 ppl from same Guild, guess who were the ones to votekick?

Im so %^-*ing pissed, im stuck with Blue weapons once again, if not some maybe drops from the damn real raids.

Not gonna queue 5 hours a day just for the damn headless chicken fest called LFR.

Were semi HC guild, and i feel like im letting our other raiders down by not trying to upgrade my weapons.. !@#$ ill bench myself if we have a better geared warrior for the job.

ATLEAST make it so that Guild groups cant join in as one.

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#12 - 2012/12/13 05:43:00 PM
13/12/2012 17:04Posted by Glitterkirsi
I just dont have time for all the damn LFRs + new dailys + the actual raiding.

This may sound crazy, but maybe drop some of it? If you're raiding then you probably don't need dailies unless you want to chase the vanity items. And those aren't going away in the future.

Also, as it's been said on this thread, but I'll put it in blue once more: Kicking someone from a LFR raid has no effect on the chance of anyone else getting a drop from the boss. All loot is personal now on the Raid Finder, so by kicking someone you're not increasing the chance you'll get a drop.