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#1 - 2013/01/07 01:05:00 PM
Did Terrace today in LFR and I was luck enough to get three gear-pieces, unfortunately all three dropped either last week or the week before. So, not only is the loot-system horribly ugly and generally bad, it hasn't even taken into account that gear might have dropped before? Please fix this !@#$ty system to at least work properly. Can't be to hard to just remove the gear that has already dropped and increase the drop rate of the other gear from said boss, even if you are Blizzard.

Otherwise great expansion

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#6 - 2013/01/07 03:00:00 PM
07/01/2013 14:23Posted by Iscy
Your first point: With a NEW system, one would expect an UPGRADE, at least I do that and I do NOT view going from one bad system to another bad system as an upgrade, I'd rather see those work-hours spent by Blizzard in some other area that needs it more.

The personal loot system wasn't made so that you'd gear up faster than before. Its function is to avoid the drama that ensued at times during Dragon Soul's LFR (such as a player needing on an item only to then try to sell it to the people that genuinely needed it and make profit off it).

So, on the long run, you're bound to see repeated items as you gear up, just as in the past you'd see that particular item drop a thousand times before the one you really wanted even appeared.

On this case, though, if the item you really want finally drops, you won't have any competition, it'll be yours, no matter what.