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#1 - 2012/03/30 11:21:00 AM
For me one of the most annoying things about WoW is having no control over nuisance players. For example today we started a Heroic Dungeon and straight away the mage (Frost Mage btw) started pulling all the mobs and getting us killed. He then stayed dead and wouldn't accept resurrection. The logical thing to do would be to kick him right? UH-OH got to wait 12 minutes! WHY? Why do I have to wait 12 mins to kick a guy who is just intentionally trying to annoy us?

A similar thing happens in LFR aswell. People don't accept resses or they pull when they're not tanking. Then not only do we have to wait 12 odd minutes but we can't kick during combat. So they just keep started the phases so we can't kick them.

1. At the moment, if I join a LFR; then pull every mob in sight wiping the entire raid intentionally you will not be able to initiate a kick vote against me because I will be "protected"
2. If the group actually gets as far as downing the boss, I can quickly run to the next boss and start the next phase. You wont be able to kick me because we'll be in combat.
3. After I've doing 1&2 I can then need the items that have dropped regardless of weather I already have or need them or not, doesn't matter you can't kick me I'm "protected".
4. Whilst doing 1,2&3 I can also throw insults at everyone... after all I'm being protected.
5. I will have succeeded in annoying 24 other people because blizzard is afraid that a few people will be kicked for frivolous reasons.

Now obviously I would never do the above but does this sound fair to you? We need to ability to initiate kick votes at any time! Whether it be in the first 10 minutes or whether we are in combat! The genuine players need protecting not the trolls. This needs to be addressed Blizzard.

Woah! Just noticed how big this thread has got, judging by the vast majority of people who have contributed to this thread, It looks to me like we all want change. Blizzard should remove the kick timer until they (or a player) comes up with a better solution. If you're fed up with trolls & nuisance players please 'like' this thread so Blizzard can see that we are the ones that need protecting and not the trolls.

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#6 - 2012/03/30 12:50:00 PM
The delay is partially in place to protect players from being kicked for frivolous reasons.

Personally, I see the removal of someone from a group as a pretty drastic measure which should be a last resort. I've seen plenty of kick-votes initiated over the slightest little thing, and if these delays weren't in place, players might have to fear being kicked for one silly mishap.