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#1 - 2013/04/14 05:10:00 PM
This is by far the most disappointing boss in WoW history.

He is so easy it's a joke. You can kill him without knowing anything about its abilities, just spamming random buttons while watching The Simpson on your second screen in less than 1 minute. Really, Blizzard, you call this a World Boss? it's barely an Elite mob. Just remove him and put some loot on the ground for anyone passing to pick up. It's embarrassing.

Well that's my opinion anyway.

(love ToT so far though)

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#15 - 2013/04/15 02:38:00 PM
14/04/2013 19:10Posted by Leadbelly
He is so easy it's a joke.

So Archavon is harder than Nalak? :-P
Just as a reminder, Nalak is intended to be of a difficulty level similar to the Sha of Anger, so he definitely will feel too easy for those of you accustomed to harder content.