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#1 - 2013/12/02 04:15:00 AM
Ok, I pvp ALOT have done since this game launched, played on and off since vanilla across various accounts and noticed that the bot issue is actually worse than ever, I just came out of an arathi basin match and im not kidding only me and another person were not a bot. They all do the same things, all attack the same objectives, all attack the same target, Even seeing through stealth!! I had a druid in this match casting faerie fire on anyone who was stealthed, even if you were a good distance away.

They stack up all on top of each other, Move in unison.. etc etc, I am not the only one noticing this. Now my questions are, Why the hell isn't something being done about this? I report them just to see the same bot later on at some point, Its not as if its a small amount of people doing it, 80% of the BGs i join are literally FULL of bots! It takes the fairness, competition and the actual PLAYER vs PLAYER aspect out of the game, Why am i paying blizzard all this money if they will not do something about this? My fav part of this game is the PvP and its being RUINED by this!

Please do something about this issue!

How is it so easy for someone to run this kind of software and not be noticed?
Blizzard, Do something please. As I said, I pay and play for player vs player, Not player vs Bot.

I dare any of you to join a battleground and not be in one that has atleast one or two bots in it! After dark 90% of the "players" are bots!

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#9 - 2013/12/04 10:18:00 AM
There's an existing thread about this, please use that one. Also, please don't use caps in titles to draw attention to your thread.