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#1 - 2013/04/12 09:25:00 AM
I don't see why you have scaled back on the amount of 5 mans this expansion, for some of us they are very enjoyable, I realize your goal is to have 5 mans as just the stepping stone / gearing point to raids and you're now telling storylines with scenarios but this is a pretty weak design in my opinion.

Not counting the later release in expansion dungeons you have progressively scaled back 5 mans and I fail to understand why.

Classic : 20
BC : 16
WotLK : 16
Cata : 14
MoP : 9

The raids this tier have been awesome don't get me wrong I can see the amount of work put into them but I just do not agree with scaling back on 5 mans and giving us watered down scenarios as a replacement. I may be off from the bulk of the community but I don't feel this is a step in the right direction.

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#4 - 2013/04/12 10:47:00 AM
On patch 5.3 scenarios are getting some cool upgrades (such as heroic mode) as well as new and improved rewards, so hopefully that'll make them more attractive for you Stono.

We still like 5-man dungeons and there will be more in coming expansions, but right now, the developers feel the content they're currently working on (raids with their varying difficulty modes (LFR, normal, Heroic) normal and Heroic scenarios, world bosses, quest content...) for this expansion's cycle is more attractive to a bigger number of players.