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#1 - 2013/05/29 01:47:00 PM
I guess this was stated and discussed before, but why not to mention it again.
I started playing wow on woltk few years ago, so this is not another "tbc was better" thread.

I really like to play with my low lvl alts, ofc i have all heirlooms for every class, as well as a lot of other ppl. And i was doing low lvl 5mans for some time now, and i can say - its difficulty is a joke (I can solo whole dungeon with disc priest, prot paladin, hunter, warlock and so on). Why there is requirement for tank in rdf que - if we don't need a tank, disc priest can easily pull and survive 5 mobs in rdf, same as most of the classes if groups has a healer. What's the point of having a tank? - to have a char, which makes ~70% overall damage.

Something must be done with those, now they are a joke in terms of difficulty, and sadly - there is no harder option.

just a few suggestions, what could be done, in order to balance those in low levels:
1. Now we have a buff "luck of the draw" which gives some dmg\healing\hp. What should it give is:
massive dmg increase for dps sepcs (shadow priest, warlocks, retri pal and so on. All who should DO dps)
massive healing increase for healing specs (disc priest, holy pal and etc.)
massive HP increase for tanks (prot pala, warrior etc.)

And to change the stats of mobs:
Increase their max HP (let's say by 10 times, and give dps'ers 10 times increased dmg buff in rdf), increase their dmg (~5 times, and give healer 5 times increased healing, tank - 5 times more HP\agro generation, but not DMG).
This way, everyone will at least do what they are supposed to do.
ninja pull with hunter? - you just get 2 shoted by a mob, your pet gets 1 shoted. Can't watch your agro? - just take 1 shot kill from the boss.

About difficulty - I don't care about trash mobs in rdf's, but would love to see MUCH harder bosses (so encounter in rdf would last not for 5-15 seconds, but for at least 2-3mins, and bosses would have some extra abilities (nothing fancy, but some aoe stuff on the ground, some trash mobs spawning and so on). And with harder bosses, there should be increased drop\xp reward.

And as for now, i am going to queue with my disc priest to rdf, and of course, me and tank will be top dps'ers.

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#10 - 2013/05/30 02:37:00 PM
Hello Vronkis,

I completely sympathize with your thoughts. It would be great to have much harder content for those who enjoy that kind of challenge while levelling, but I believe that the issue is if we make low level dungeons much harder, most players would avoid them altogether because they wouldn’t be competitive enough in terms of xp/time when compared to questing.
That’s a problem because it would probably have the unfortunate consequence of increasing the queue times for LFD. So in the end we would be faced with almost no one running dungeons while levelling.
Anyone wanting to run those harder dungeons would probably go through very few of them due to having very long waiting times, and these players would only represent a tiny portion of the total number of players that would be still levelling up.

Maybe what would be possible would be to tune the difficulty of heroic versions a lot higher and to provide a better xp/time ratio by compensating with an increased amount of xp per mob to actually make it competitive with questing. This would provide a nice alternative without removing any existing content for those who enjoy the experience of normal dungeons.
We need to keep in mind that dungeon attractiveness depends largely on the relationship between difficulty and rewards; this includes: xp/time ratio, gear and entertainment/fun level.
We would need to tune them to be challenging without feeling discouraging, that means we need to hit that sweet spot where a player that enjoys challenging content would always queue for the heroic version instead of the normal without feeling that he would be losing anything by making that choice, else, heroics would be plagued by high queue times and players would gradually stop using them.

The problem is we have finite resources, of course ideally we would love to put out content for every kind of player out there because we can actually do that with the scaling functionalities we have in place, but we like to do things the right way, we’re not just going to automatically increase the hp/level/xp of every mob and loot without properly checking everything about each dungeon, and this takes time, time that would be better spent on creating new raids and dungeons for level 90, because as many of you know, that’s one of the major things players have been asking us, that we stop putting so much focus on LFR and instead create challenging content with new 5mans for players that just dinged level 90 and dislike the low difficulty level and lack of social interaction of LFR.